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Live like a South West local for a weekend

I’m sure you’ve heard the Australian term ‘seachange’ at one time or another, ultimately adopted from Shakespeare's The Tempest’ which describes a type of human migration whereby we abandon city living in favour of an easier rural/coastal life.

For many wanderlusters – this is an unattainable dream because of family, career or financial commitments; and so instead we take little bite-size chunks of time to immerse ourselves in the SEACHANGE dream for a matter of only days.

Here at Amalfi Resort in Busselton, we like to share a few of our secrets – so to my South West buddies, block your eyes because I’m about to let out a few of them!


What locals do in the morning and often even before work

Walk, jog, walk the dog, cycle, swim, fish, SUP boarding or kayak along the gorgeous calm Bay.

Geographe Bay has one of the most stunning beaches in the country and with silky white sand and clear azure waters.  With ample parking every 500m – 1km along the stretch of coast and boat ramps to allow for easy access, this is the ultimate South West playground. Busselton is right in the centre of thebay and a natural location for many Busselton Resorts like Amalfi.

Long lazy brunches that turn into lunches are the way we do it in the down south.  Pick your comfy spot in the outdoor area at your favourite winery or bar such as The Goose for the chilled beach experience or The Firestation if you prefer the city cool factor.  Either of these two hang-outs serve super tasty dishes, tapas and very importantly ice cold beer or cocktails to give you a buzz.


Locals start with tapas and a couple of drinks, then slowly head into a late lunch and a bottle or two of wine to share.  If you haven’t tried a long lazy brunch lunch – watch and learn!  If you aren’t completely relaxed after spending a few hours watching the world go by over delicious food and great company then we haven’t sold you well enough on the concept!

Lazy afternoons like the locals do…

After a well-deserved nap during siesta time, we love to immerse ourselves in our natural environment.  You see, we know we are a spoilt for choice and we don’t take that for granted!

One of our favourite pastimes is to take a drive down the coast and to check out the natural beauty of Meelup and Eagle Bay then on to Caves Road to check the swell from the decking at Canal Rocks.  Driving back down Caves Road and stop in at the little shack known as the Yallingup General Store.  Grab one of their freshly made chicken/salad rolls and coffee for a late arvo snack – you won’t regret it!

Evenings by the Bay…

Us locals work hard but in our down time we like to chill out…a lot.  Our evenings can be spent doing one of a few things.  Whether it is a work day or not, we are often found driving our family and friends onto the beach at Wonnerup where we unload the eskies, beach towels and portable BBQ for dinner on the beach while the sun sets.  Eating and swimming on the beach in summer is a staple of the South West lifestyle – why not join us?

Like many cities, our region is littered with award-winning food trucks serving us delicious treats from a simmering curries, Mexican taste sensations, wood-fired pizza, jacket potatoes, insane burgers and more.  We love stopping in at the Mexican Mezcal Truck, The Well Dressed Potato and Spice Odysee Trucks just to name a few.

So there you have an insight into how we live in the stunning south west – come on over and get your accommodation sorted at Amalfi Resort in Busselton next time you’re down south and we’ll convince you to experience a little bit of local life!


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