10 Spectacular Things To Do in Busselton Australia

At Amalfi Resort, we are a Busselton Beach Resort that likes to recommend things to do in the region for our guests. If you haven’t been to the region before, Busselton is located in southwestern Australia, specifically in Western Australia. It is situated along the coast of Geographe Bay, approximately 220 kilometres (about 137 miles) southwest of the state’s capital city, Perth.

Busselton is known for its beautiful beaches, iconic Busselton Jetty, and proximity to the renowned Margaret River wine region. 

Average Temperature in Busselton 

Busselton, Australia, experiences a Mediterranean climate characterised by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The average temperature in Busselton varies throughout the year. Here’s a general overview of the average temperatures:

Summer Months (December to February): 

During the summer months, Busselton enjoys warm to hot weather. The average high temperature typically ranges from 25°C to 30°C, but it can occasionally reach higher temperatures. Night-time temperatures are cooler, with averages around 15°C to 18°C.

Autumn Months (March to May): 

Autumn in Busselton is mild and pleasant. Average daytime temperatures gradually decrease from the high 20s°C to the mid-teens°C by May. It’s a popular time for outdoor activities and exploring the region.

Winter Months (June to August): 

The winters in Busselton are relatively cool and wet as a rule. Daytime temperatures typically range from 15°C to 18°C, while nighttime temperatures can drop to 7°C to 10°C. Rainfall is more frequent during this season.

Spring Months (September to November): 

Spring is a transitional season in Busselton, with gradually warming temperatures. Daytime highs start in the high teens in September and increase to the low 20s°C by November. Nights become milder as well.


10 Spectacular Things to Do in Busselton 

Busselton, Australia, offers a wide range of spectacular activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in exploring the natural beauty of the area, indulging in wine and food, or engaging in outdoor adventures, here are 10 spectacular things to do in Busselton:

Walk the Busselton Jetty: 

Start your visit with a walk along the iconic Busselton Jetty, one of the longest wooden jetties in the world. Enjoy stunning views of Geographe Bay, and if you’re feeling adventurous, take a train ride to the end.

Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory: 

Descend into the Underwater Observatory at the end of the jetty to observe marine life in its natural habitat. You’ll see colourful fish, corals, and sometimes even dolphins or seals.

Visit Margaret River Wineries:

Take a short drive to the nearby Margaret River wine region, renowned for its world-class wineries and vineyards. Enjoy wine tastings, cellar door tours, and delicious gourmet food. And don’t forget to check out the Busselton breweries, too, if beer or cider is more your thing.

Tuart Forest National Park: 

Explore Tuart Forest National Park, home to some of the world’s largest remaining tuart trees. Tuart, or Eucalyptus Gomphocephala as it’s scientifically known, is a rare and tall tree native to the Swan Coastal Plain, growing up to 40 meters in height. It thrives in a 400 km coastal zone from Jurien Bay to the Sabina River near Busselton. You can also hike the trails and immerse yourself in the serene natural surroundings in this area.

Experience Caves:

Why not explore the fascinating limestone caves in the region, such as Ngilgi Cave and Mammoth Cave? Guided tours offer insights into the geological wonders of these underground spaces.

Beach Activities:

 Relax and unwind on Busselton’s beautiful beaches. You can swim, sunbathe, or engage in water sports like snorkelling, paddle boarding, or kite surfing here.

Water Adventures in Busselton: 

If you’re into water adventures, Busselton has plenty on offer. Go fishing, sailing, or scuba diving in Geographe Bay. Join a whale-watching tour during the migration season to spot these magnificent creatures.

Busselton Foreshore: 

Visit the Busselton Foreshore area for picnics, barbecues, and leisurely walks. The foreshore often hosts events, markets, and family-friendly activities.

Art and Culture in Busselton:

In Busselton, you can explore the local arts scene by visiting galleries and attending cultural events. The town is known for its vibrant, creative community.

Busselton Events: 

Check the local event calendar for festivals and events happening during your visit. The Busselton Jetty Swim, Ironman Western Australia, and the Busselton Fringe Festival are just a few examples of the exciting events held throughout the year.

These are just some of the spectacular things to do in Busselton, making it a fantastic destination for nature lovers, wine enthusiasts, beachgoers, and anyone looking to experience the beauty and culture of Western Australia’s southwest region.

Caves lit up with colourful lighta

Cafes and Restaurants 

A tantalising world of culinary delights awaits in the heart of Busselton, Australia. From the freshest seafood to gourmet masterpieces and cosy cafe offerings, this coastal town caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Every Busselton Beach Resort has its own restaurants, and Amalfi os no exception, so you don’t even need to leave the resort, but just in case you’re looking for something else then here are some options;

Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast, a gourmet fan, or simply seeking a casual dining experience, you’ll discover a diverse culinary landscape that promises to satisfy your every craving. Here are some recommended cafes and restaurants in Busselton:

Busselton Cafes:

The Goose Beach Bar & Kitchen: 

This waterfront café offers stunning views of Geographe Bay. It’s known for its fresh seafood, local wines, and a relaxed atmosphere.

The Urban Coffee House:

A popular choice for coffee lovers, this cafe serves excellent espresso and a range of breakfast and lunch options, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices.

Coco’s Thai Restaurant: 

While primarily a Thai restaurant, Coco’s offers delicious coffee and baked goods in the morning, making it a great spot for brunch or a coffee break.

Squid Lips Seafood Café: 

As the name suggests, Squid Lips specialises in seafood, including fish and chips, calamari, and fresh seafood platters, all served in a casual setting.

Busselton Restaurants:

The Equinox Restaurant:

 offers fine dining with ocean views at the Busselton Jetty. It’s an excellent choice for seafood and modern Australian cuisine.

La Scarpetta Trattoria:

If you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine, La Scarpetta is a charming trattoria offering homemade pasta, wood-fired pizza, and a selection of Italian wines.

The Ship Inn:

A historic pub in Busselton, The Ship Inn serves pub-style meals in a warm and friendly atmosphere. It’s a great place to enjoy a hearty meal and a pint of beer.

The Fire Station Specialty Beer & Wine Bar: 

While primarily a bar, they also serve delicious gourmet pizzas and small plates. It’s an excellent spot for a casual meal and a wide selection of beverages.

Al Forno: 

This restaurant specialises in wood-fired pizzas and traditional Italian dishes. The cosy atmosphere and authentic flavours make it a popular choice.

Amelia Park Lodge: 

Located just outside Busselton, this lodge offers a fine dining restaurant specialising in steak and wine pairings. It’s perfect for a special night out.

cars on the beach Australia

Transportation in Busselton

Busselton, Australia, offers several transportation options for getting around the town and the surrounding region. Here are some of the primary modes of transportation in and around Busselton:

Busselton By Car: 

Renting a car is a convenient way to explore Busselton and the surrounding areas, especially if you plan to visit wineries, national parks, or other attractions in the region. Major car rental companies have offices in Busselton and at the nearby Busselton-Margaret River Airport.

Get Around On a Bicycle: 

Busselton is a bike-friendly town with designated bike paths and lanes. You can rent bicycles from various rental shops in town and enjoy cycling along the Busselton Foreshore or to nearby attractions.

Public Transportation in Busselton: 

Busselton offers a limited public bus service operated by the South West Coach Lines. This service connects Busselton to nearby towns like Dunsborough and Margaret River. However, the frequency and coverage may be limited compared to larger cities.

Busselton Taxis and Ride-Sharing: 

Taxis are available in Busselton, and ride-sharing services like Uber can be used if you have the app installed on your mobile device. However, availability may vary depending on the time of day.

Walking around Busselton:

Busselton’s town centre is compact and pedestrian-friendly, making it easy to explore on foot. You can walk along the Busselton Jetty, visit cafes and shops, and take in the area’s scenic beauty.

Airport Transportation: 

If you’re arriving by air, the Busselton-Margaret River Airport serves the region and is located approximately 10 kilometres (6 miles) from Busselton’s town centre. You can arrange airport transfers or rent a car at the airport.

Tours and Shuttle Services in Busselton: 

Many regional tour operators offer guided tours that include transportation to and from various attractions. This can be a convenient way to explore wineries, caves, and other points of interest.

Busselton Private Transfers: 

Some accommodations in Busselton offer shuttle or private transfer services for their guests, so it’s a good idea to inquire about transportation options when booking your stay.

Amalfi Busselton Beach resort bedroom

Busselton Beach Resort Accommodation 

Amalfi Resort is a charming Busselton beach resort accommodation option nestled in the heart of Busselton, Western Australia. This delightful resort offers a tranquil and welcoming environment for travellers seeking a memorable stay in the region.

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the pristine shores of Geographe Bay, Amalfi Resort boasts a convenient location that allows guests to easily explore the town’s attractions, including the iconic Busselton Jetty and its captivating Underwater Observatory.

The resort itself is designed with guest comfort in mind. Its well-appointed self-contained villas and apartments provide a home away from home, complete with fully-equipped kitchens and spacious living areas. The lush gardens and outdoor spaces at this Busselton Beach Resort offer a serene setting for relaxation, and the heated swimming pool adds an extra layer of comfort.

Guests can enjoy the convenience of on-site facilities such as barbecues, making it perfect for those who wish to dine al fresco while savouring the coastal breeze. The resort’s friendly and attentive staff are always ready to assist, ensuring a pleasant and stress-free stay.

Amalfi Resort’s Busselton location serves as an excellent starting point for wine tastings, vineyard tours, and gourmet dining experiences for those looking to explore the picturesque Margaret River wine region.

Amalfi Resort is a delightful Busselton beach accommodation choice, combining coastal charm, comfort, and accessibility. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or a relaxing retreat, this resort will leave a lasting impression and create fond memories of your time in Busselton.


Busselton, Australia, stands as a captivating coastal gem in Western Australia. Its picturesque beaches, iconic jetty, and outdoor adventures make it a perfect destination for nature enthusiasts. 

The town’s proximity to the Margaret River wine region adds a touch of sophistication to its allure. It offers a delightful blend of fine wines and gourmet cuisine. Busselton’s cultural vibrancy and diverse accommodation options ensure a memorable stay for every traveller. 

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or a taste of local culture, the team at Amalfi Busselton Beach Resort recommends Busselton’s myriad attractions, which promise an unforgettable experience in this coastal paradise. 

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