From Whales To Wildflowers: Busseltons Magic with Amalfi Resort

Welcome to Amalfi Resort, your home away from home in the enchanting coastal town of Busselton, Western Australia. Nestled by the serene shores, we invite you to join us on a captivating year-round journey, experiencing the unique wonders each season brings to our beloved destination. From the majestic sight of whales gracing our waters to the vibrant burst of wildflowers that carpet our landscapes, Every season at Amalfi Resort is an opportunity to create cherished memories and embrace the beauty of Busselton.

Winter: Whale-Watching Wonderland

As winter embraces Busselton, the ocean comes alive with a mesmerising spectacle – the annual migration of majestic whales. From May to October, our coastline transforms into a whale-watching wonderland, allowing you to witness these gentle giants’ journey north. Step onto your private balcony at Amalfi Resort, your Beach Resort Busselton accommodation, to watch humpback and southern right whales breach and play in the turquoise waters beyond. 

When it comes to these majestic creatures, are you aware of the distinction between Humpbacks and southern right whales? Southern right whales have no fins on their backs and patches of roughened skin that can look like “a pile of stones” on their heads. While humpback whales can stand out more for having a small dorsal fin and long pectoral flippers. They also show their tail flukes more often than the southern right whales do.

Join local whale-watching tours for an up-close encounter, or indulge in the comfort of our resort while savouring the sight from afar. As the sun sets, the cosy ambience of your suite or apartment awaits, making your winter escape to Amalfi Resort genuinely unforgettable.

Spring: Nature’s Canvas Unveiled

As the first whispers of spring touch Busselton, the town transforms into a vibrant masterpiece of colour and life. Although wildflowers bloom throughout the region, the true wildflower season from August to November is much more impressive and showcases nature’s artistic prowess. 

Wander through Cape Naturaliste National Park, just moments from Amalfi Resort’s doorstep, and witness the landscape come alive with a tapestry of wildflowers in every hue imaginable.

With over 2,500 species of wildflowers, the region puts on a stunning show of colour during spring, including 150 species of orchids, many of which are rare or endangered.

At Amalfi Resort, you can venture into the surrounding trails, capturing photographs of everlastings, kangaroo paws, and the many orchids that adorn the region. And after a day of exploration, return to the comfort of your Busselton accommodation, where you can unwind and relive the day’s adventures.

Summer: Beachside Festivities and Sun-Kissed Bliss

With the arrival of summer, Busselton’s coastline beckons with its sun-soaked allure. Just a short stroll away, the beaches become your playground for beach cricket, sandcastle-building, and leisurely swims in the sparkling waters. Immerse yourself in the quintessential Australian beach experience.

During the summer months, Busselton bursts to life with a calendar of beach festivals, live music events, and outdoor markets. Sample local flavours, experience the vibrant arts scene, and create cherished family memories under the warm sun. After a day of festivities, return to Amalfi Resort’s comfortable accommodations and let the ocean breeze lull you into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Summer season at Margaret river, Amalfi resort Busselton

Autumn: Tranquility by the Coast

As the heat of summer fades, autumn graces our beach resort in Busselton with a sense of tranquillity. The beaches remain inviting, offering peaceful walks along the shorelines with the gentle sound of waves as your company. Explore the peaceful Dunsborough coastline, engage in some fishing, or enjoy a leisurely bicycle ride through the town.

Autumn also brings a sense of reflection, and Amalfi Resort provides the perfect backdrop for contemplation. Our facilities include an outdoor pool surrounded by lush gardens where you can lounge by side or take a leisurely dip in our heated indoor pool as you embrace the season’s serenity.

Experience the Seasons with Amalfi Beach Resort Busselton

Join us on an extraordinary journey at Amalfi Beach Resort, where the ever-changing allure of Busselton unfolds through the seasons. Each chapter of the year brings its own unique enchantment to our coastal paradise, creating a tapestry of experiences that await your discovery.

Winter greets you with the breathtaking spectacle of whale migration. Where you can witness the awe-inspiring Humpback and Southern right whales as they traverse our waters. It’s a moment that forever imprints itself on your memory.

Spring paints Busselton with vibrant wildflowers, transforming the landscape into a dynamic canvas of colourful orchids, kangaroo paws, and everlastings that blanket the surroundings. 

Summer casts a sun-soaked spell, inviting you to bask in beachside bliss. With the shores coming alive with activities—beach cricket, sandcastle building, and refreshing swims in the azure waters. Busselton’s coastal charm is complemented by a calendar of festivals and events, offering you a taste of local culture. As the sun sets, retreat to your accommodation at the Amalfi Beach Resort in Busselton, where relaxation and tranquillity await.

Autumn arrives with a serene ambience, inviting you to take leisurely walks along the tranquil beaches. The Dunsborough coastline becomes a backdrop for contemplation, fishing, and unhurried bicycle rides. Embrace the quiet beauty of the season, and let Amalfi Resort be your sanctuary amidst the changing landscape.

Throughout the year, Amalfi Resort is your gateway to the captivating stories that unfold each season. We invite you to plan your year-round escape and be part of Busselton’s narrative. As the comfort of our accommodations mingles with the changing rhythms of the town, you’ll discover a symphony of experiences you’ll forever treasure. Your unforgettable journey starts here at Amalfi Resort, where nature’s wonders and genuine hospitality combine to create enduring memories.

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